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Minnesota police department is extremely chill about 4/20

Today is 4/20, an annual celebration of the criminal substance marijuana as well as jokes about the awesome way that criminal substance makes you feel and cliches about the things you like if you enjoy that feeling. Fortunately, support for legalization of the drug is at an all-time high, with outright recreational use legal in eight states (plus the District of Columbia) and medical use legal in over a dozen more. In that light, it is a good 4/20 to be alive.

In the small town of Wyoming, Minnesota—home to about 8,000 people—the cops are taking a decidedly non-dick approach to the holiday.


Yes, stoners throughout the world: Here are some Doritos, two types of Cheetos, what appears to be a tall-boy of Mountain Dew, a bag of White Castle, a copy of 2013’s hottest game on Xbox 360 as well as the critically reviled 2015 police militarization fantasy Battlefield Hardline. Come and get it, weedheads, if you’re not too busy listening to (checks internet) Radiohead and Miley Cyrus!


Still, it’s a good look for the police department (they’ve since followed up with po-faced tweets about seeking help for substance abuse issues), even if it’s, well, the same joke they ran with last year:


Apparently, there are only about 10 police officers on the small town’s force, meaning that at least 10 percent of them are good at Twitter and are also operating under the delusion that people only like to eat Doritos and Cheetos when they’re high. Everyone knows its pizza rolls and ranch dressing that will lure the true stoners out of their subterranean gamer-holes.

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