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Minnesota museum hosting terrifying scary doll contest for some “Halloween fun”

Photo: sqback (iStock)

Here are some new disturbing images just in time to kick off your Halloween spirit: CNN announces that a Minnesota museum is hosting a creepy doll competition, calling it “the stuff of nightmares.” Honestly, dolls can be creepy enough all by themselves, but these are extra special, offering chipped plaster and faded porcelain after years of decay.


Rochester, Minnesota’s History Center Of Olmsted County “launched the competition on October 16 to showcase parts of their collection that don’t normally get attention,” says CNN. It posted a different doll every day from October 16 to the 24th on the museum’s Facebook page, with the top three winners to be announced today. Honestly, we will be shocked if this one isn’t in that final round.

Thanks for the extra creepy stuff, Minnesota! The vast media spread of this small local contest is convincing proof that everyone finds vintage dolls appropriately terrifying. Honestly, it’s a wonder that there aren’t even more horror movies based on possessed dolls with all of these scary artifacts lying around. Is it November 1 yet?

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