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Minneapolis, Spike Lee host block parties honoring Prince, aw yeah

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With the death of Prince yesterday at the age of 57 (confirming that the Grim Reaper is indeed a giant motherfucker), people honored his passing in a variety of ways. (The cast of Hamilton, for example, busted out a post-show performance of one of his hits.) But perhaps the most fitting tributes came from those who offered up a giant musical celebration out in the streets, respecting Prince’s longstanding wish for people to go crazy.

Outside First Avenue, the legendary music club in downtown Minneapolis made famous in Prince’s Purple Rain, the Twin Cities came together to honor his royal sexy funkmaster with an impromptu block party. The Star Tribune reports the party was hastily organized by local public radio music station The Current, featuring performances by hometown acts like Lizzo, P.O.S., and Tiny Deaths. But the headliner was just the collective emotional outpouring of love for Prince by the hundreds upon hundreds of people who danced, shouted, climbed stoplights, and generally did their best to indelibly mark the occasion of Prince’s passing.

Prince’s star on the wall outside First Avenue (Photo credit: Getty Images)

First Avenue eventually opened its doors, allowing the outdoor block party to continue on through the night within the cavernous space. As of 7 AM, there were reportedly still more than 100 people dancing, watching Prince videos, and celebrating as First Avenue staff were outside sweeping up and starting the day. Speaking as a former Twin Cities resident, this writer has a feeling that party will continue on throughout the weekend, and possibly into next month. Assumptions it will still be going come fall are not unwarranted.

But Minneapolis wasn’t the only spontaneous block party happening in celebration of the life of Prince. Longtime fan (and occasional artistic collaborator) Spike Lee also organized a block party for the music icon. Gothamist reports Lee’s street in Fort Greene was transformed into a giant party, with the director dancing and singing along with everyone else. There were between 500-800 attendees—most wearing something purple—for the event. If you don’t live in either of those cities, fear not: You can host your own party by putting on one of his albums right now, turning it up, and inviting your coworkers to dance with you. The A.V. Club takes no responsibility for subsequent meetings with your Human Resources rep.


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