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Minions ruin Miguel’s sexiest lyrics

Minions will never go away. Minions are here to stay. We live in a Golden Age of Minions. And this all undoubtedly means the apocalypse is upon us. Will we ever make it to the post-Minions era? It’s not looking likely.

The folks over at Vice’s Noisey decided to put some of Miguel’s sexiest lyrics over photos and GIFs of Minions, because they are soulless monsters. Nothing quite changes the tone of “Confess your sins to me while you masturbate” quite like the sight of tiny yellow bulbs dressed in overalls.


This little endeavor in internet awful is a double whammy of awful: First, the Minions make the Miguel lyrics decidedly unsexy, and then the Miguel lyrics simultaneously make the Minions un-cute. It’s bad all around and becomes even worse once you realize that there probably are people out there with Minions fetishes. But now we do kind of wish Miguel had done the soundtrack for Minions.


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