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Minecraft movie to continue America's love affair with blocks

Illustration for article titled iMinecraft/i movie to continue Americas love affair with blocks

Encouraged by the way The Lego Movie remains firmly lodged in the American consciousness like an adorable choking hazard, Warner Bros. has set about making another movie based on popular bricks. No, not adobe; despite their practicality, they’re far too aesthetically unpleasant and susceptible to earthquakes. Instead, the studio is pursuing the slightly more narratively rich bricks of Minecraft, the game where players create entire universes limited only by their imaginations and the number of trees they punch and pigs they set on fire, just like in the real world.


Minecraft’s near-total lack of plot or purpose is what attracts players to the game—and, presumably producers to an adaptation, with The Lego Movie’s Roy Lee hoping to use the property’s similar open-endedness to build another successful franchise from the blocky ground up, then hoping some asshole doesn’t come along and blow it up for fun.

Strangely, Deadline reports this franchise will be “live action,” despite Minecraft’s distinctive, pixilated aesthetic—and its intended audience—seeming most suited to animation. But as of now everything is just in the early stages, part of the general movement to make movies out of all our most popular building blocks. Not Duplo, though. What are you, a baby?  

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