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Mindy Kaling's Fox sitcom is no longer called It's Messy

Illustration for article titled Mindy Kalings Fox sitcom is no longer called emIts Messy/em

Mindy Kaling's comedy about a "Bridget Jones-like" OB/GYN remained untitled until very recently, when news of Fox's pick-up of the series was accompanied by the revelation that it would be called It's Messy. Naturally, that didn't go over too well, not least because It's Messy evoked less the sort of adorably complicated romantic entanglements that Kaling's adorably complicated doctor will surely find herself in, and more images of Kaling slip-sliding through piles of placentas and assorted afterbirth, which is an entirely different kind of comedy. So after an immediate backlash—and to the inevitable dismay of sploshing fetishists, which we do not advise Googling—the show has changed from It's Messy to The Mindy Project, which now sounds like a show about woman being constructed by a team of scientists intent on harnessing the power of her observations about dating and celebrity gossip and using them to destroy the world. It also sounds like a placeholder title while they figure out something better, which means we get to help. Datin' And Gestatin'? OBG Why Bother? Dr. New Girl?


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