The final Steve Carell-starring episode of The Office has been scripted, and now that there are officially no more misadventures for Michael Scott to get into, writer/star Mindy Kaling is sharing all the stories that might have been on Twitter. So far they include: “Michael feels unappreciated and does a ‘Ms. Nelson Is Missing’-type fake horror boss.” “Michael gets Lasik but can only afford to get it done to one eye.” “Michael gets accused of something and is exonerated because there's footage of him outside The Today Show behind Al Roker.” “Not a story per se, but Michael auditioning for SNL with his characters and @sethmeyers21 gently walking him to the 30 Rock exit was a dream.” Our favorite: “There was a full day of pitching on Michael Scott meeting Markie Post at the mall, accomplishing a life-long dream.” Surely they could have made a Markie Post theme night with 30 Rock’s “The One With The Cast Of Night Court”?