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Mind Spiders embrace the “Cold” on their newest track

Mind Spiders (Photo: Andi Harman)

Mind Spiders’ music has always felt like the soundtrack to a campy ’60s sci-fi flick. Across the band’s three albums, Mark Ryan—also of The Marked Men and Radioactivity—has found ways to take the garage-punk sounds he’s long been known for and twist them into something decidedly different. The A.V. Club is premiering “Cold,” a track from Mind Spiders’ fourth album, Prosthesis, due out March 12 on Dirtnap Records. “Cold” pulls from the influences that have informed Mind Spiders from the start, with a staccato backbeat and rising synths that recall Devo, the three-chord onslaught of the Ramones, and Ryan’s breathy snarl, sure to make any Marked Men fan stand at attention. “Cold” shows there’s no point in fixing what was never broken, and that Mind Spiders have only gotten better with age.


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