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Milwaukee’s Harley-Davidson factory cancels Trump visit over fear of protests

(Photo: Getty Images, Raymond Boyd)

The city of Milwaukee puts up with a lot of bullshit, like the awful weather, the long lines at AJ Bombers, all of the cool bands only stopping in Chicago and Madison on their tours, Atomic Records closing down, and (again) the awful weather, but one thing the city apparently won’t put up with is Donald Trump. In a thrilling display of the city’s liberal heart and its (occasionally) surprising level of pride, an upcoming Trump visit to Milwaukee’s Harley-Davidson factory has been canceled due to the level of protests that were expected to take place.

That’s according to CNN, which says the Harley-Davidson company decided that it “wasn’t comfortable” hosting Trump alongside the protests. Apparently, Trump’s visit was also set to be a photo-op for him to sign more executive orders—these relating to “American manufacturing” instead of promoting racism and betraying the ideals America is built on—and a spokesperson said that it was specifically the threat of protests that made the iconic motorcycle brand change its mind and not whatever executive orders Trump was planning to sign. (Which probably says something about the status of Harley-Davidson’s classic “rebel” persona.)

Either way, the good people of Milwaukee sort of scared off Trump, which is pretty impressive. So, in honor of the Cream City and the many great things it has contributed to the world over the years, here’s “Blister In The Sun” by Milwaukee band Violent Femmes and a clip from Milwaukee-area native Dan Harmon’s hit TV show Community:

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