Photo: Relationship Status (go90)

Tweeting about your date, Facebook-stalking your crush, sharing your passwords with your significant other—these are just a few of the relatable situations presented in the trailer for Relationship Status, a new webseries about the perils of dating in the era of social media. Made up of a dozen 11-minute episodes, the series is set to debut April 29 exclusively through Verizon’s Go90, an app for streaming TV, sports, music, and original shows, including Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s upcoming reality series. Relationship Status’ 30-person cast includes both YouTube personalities and actors like Shawn Ashmore, Ray Wise, Rita Volk, and Milo Ventimiglia a.k.a. Gilmore Girls’ Jess Mariano, who would definitely never text you back while you’re dating him.

Written and created by The Lying Game’s Céline Geiger, the show splits its time between New York and Los Angeles and follows various intersecting storylines, à la Love Actually but with Tinder jokes. The trailer features scenarios straight out of Girls, Looking, and every romantic comedy made after 2010. There’s also one scene that may or may not be a verbatim recreation of the Drew Barrymore office scene from He’s Just Not That Into You. At one point someone delivers the incredulous line, “You’ve gone out with the guy four times, how are you not Facebook friends with him?!”


While the trailer focuses a little more on social-media commentary than plot details, it does reveal Ventimiglia plays a bartender trying to find his prudish friend a date via Grindr. The trailer doesn’t reveal their ultimate fate, but we’ve seen enough rom-coms to know he’s 100 percent going to eventually realize he’s the perfect guy for his friend.

In addition to starring in the series, Ventimiglia also produced the project along with writer James Frey, best known for the controversy over his fabricated memoir, A Million Little Pieces, and later for creating a brutal factory system for young adult novels. Those who want to give Frey a third chance and/or watch Ventimiglia play a slightly more chipper character before returning as moody Jess in the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival can find the first few episodes of Relationship Status on Go90 starting April 29.