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Illustration for article titled Milo Ventimiglia to make that Milo Ventimiglia face on Frank Darabonts new detective drama

Frank Darabont’s TNT drama L.A. Noir—which continues to be called that, thus demanding explanation that, while it is set in the same time and place, it is not a straight adaptation of the video game where a detective solves crimes by yelling at people and vibrating over clues—may have found another one of its leads to go with the Walking Dead-spoiling casting of Jon Bernthal. Deadline reports that the show has recruited Heroes’ Milo Ventimiglia, who will play “Ned Stax, a former marine who served with Joe Teague (Bernthal) during WWII, now a budding lawyer groomed to be a master ‘fixer’ for the mob.” This would make Ventimiglia just one of a half-dozen other “fixers” currently on or headed to television—although only Ventimiglia’s “fixer” will “fix” things while wearing that signature pissy Milo Ventimiglia expression, like someone at Jamba Juice just told him they’re out of probiotic boost.


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