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Millie Bobby Brown leaves Twitter after assholes use her picture for homophobic memes

Photo: Taylor Hill (Getty Images)

The dedicated shit scientists of the internet are continuing to explore new and excitingly depressing lows in human behavior this week, with Variety reporting that Stranger Things star—and, ya know, 14 year-old-child—Millie Bobby Brown has now left Twitter, after being bombarded with memes combining pictures of her with homophobic slurs.

Brown was a frequent and enthusiastic user of social media—her alternate anti-bullying account, @milliestopshate, is still active as of today—but we can’t really blame her for being the latest celebrity to be driven off the site by deluges of hateful content. (The history of assholes scoring meaningless victories over women—and it’s always women, somehow—in this sphere is a long and ugly one, stretching at least as far back as Leslie Jones being temporarily hounded off Twitter in 2016, and as recently as the targeting of Star Wars star Kelly Marie Tran.)


We have to assume this material was especially painful for Brown, both because of her frequent support for GLAAD and other LGBTQ issues, but also because she is, again, a 14-year-old child, and as such constitutionally ill-prepared to see violent anti-gay slurs attributed to her as quotes, Photoshopped over pictures of her face. Not that that’s something that grown, mature adults should have to deal with, either, but Jesus Christ, people. It’s enough to make you wish Brown really could explode people with her brain.

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