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Millennial muppet Pete Davidson becomes a role model in the Big Time Adolescence trailer

Pete Davidson is quite possibly the most low-key controversial pop culture figure at the moment. He’s like a pot-smoking Millennial muppet; a self-aware self-parody; he is the joke and he’s in on it; a mascot for goofy dudes who love irreverent, quasi-ironic comedy and getting laid, even if they don’t know what the first thing means. You, too, can inspire headlines about your dick. Clearly, Pete Davidson is doing something right, and in the interest of full journalistic transparency: The trailer for his new comedy movie, Big Time Adolescence, is actually pretty funny.

The Hulu original comedy stars American Vandal’s Griffin Gluck as a teen who (perhaps unwisely) seeks guidance from his best bud—an aimless and obnoxious college dropout played by Davidson, who offers words of wisdom like, “When you get older you realize that’s kinda all life is: Just a bunch of scribbles and dicks and violence, all in a void,” as he remarks on abstract art. Davidson is sure to elicit many jokes about how he’s just playing himself because it’s the only thing he’s good at, and you know what? Fair. But also: You’re gonna have to get used to it because this guy is about to be everywhere (see also: his role in the upcoming Judd Apatow film King Of Staten Island).

Big Time Adolescence also stars Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria hive, activate), Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly), and Jon Cryer (looking like Wooly Willy), and hits select theaters on March 13 before heading to Hulu on March 20.

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