(Photo: George Pimentel/Getty Images)

For years, Milla Jovovich has tirelessly worked to stave off the end of the world, using her superpowers to battle zombies, mutant monsters, and an evil zombie-obsessed corporation (not to mention all of those Resident Evil movies she starred in). But now Deadline reports that Jovovich is joining the cast of a film that takes place long after the apocalypse has already occurred. Cleverly titled Future World, the project will be based on a story idea that James Franco had, with Franco starring in and co-directing the movie with Bruce Thierry Cheung.

Future World centers on “a young boy of noble birth” who goes on a quest to find medicine for his dying mom in a “post-apocalyptic world that is plagued with heat, ravaged by disease, and crippled by chronic war.” It’s unclear who Franco will be playing, but Jovovich’s character will apparently be a drug lord of some kind. Also, George Lewis Jr.—better known as the musician Twin Shadow—will be joining them as well, playing a guy with the perfectly post-apocalyptic name “Ratcatcher.”