Cyrus at the 2013 VMAs

Those of you over 40 may already be clucking your tongues in disapproval at the news that Miley Cyrus has been chosen to host MTV’s 32nd annual Video Music Awards, the one special night every year when MTV actually plays music videos. The pop singer memorably performed at the 2013 VMAs, performing a lascivious dance that forever put to rest the wholesome image she developed as the star of Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana. Americans everywhere agreed to act shocked while being secretly enthralled, and Cyrus’ every move since has been calculated to elicit more or less the same reaction.

It’s an obvious move for both the singer and MTV, as the 2013 awards drew more than 10 million viewers, a number that dropped nearly 20 percent last year. It also put Cyrus firmly in the spotlight, a position she has not ceded since. Cyrus was clearly enthused, posting this on Twitter:


The green bodysuit indicates that Cyrus may be preparing to play a motion-capture character, although it would be irresponsible to speculate that she’s going to be hosting the show as Jar-Jar Binks. But it can’t be ruled out.

If you still have any issues with Ms. Cyrus hosting the awards, please keep in mind that all awards shows are a farce, and the VMAs rank just below the Upper Midwestern Medical Supply Salesperson Of The Year and just above the Grammys.