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Twitter-based lifeform Miley Cyrus has attached herself to a new script that she will produce and then read in front of cameras, according to The Hollywood Reporter, who are not allowed to put sarcastic quotes around words like “produce.” But we are. Look, we’ll do it in this sentence: Both Miley and Miley’s mother, Tish, are attached to “produce”—alongside Wedding Crashers and When In Rome producer Andrew Panay—the “high-concept” comedy that, while details are being kept tantalizingly just out of reach, is said to involve “a broken promise to God,” which is a quote but not a sarcastic one.

Cyrus, of course, has long had a tenuous personal and professional relationship with God, a contract that her father believes she first reneged on by following the atheist-swept highways right into Satan’s lair of Los Angeles. And most recently, she came under frequently misspelled fire from her many devoutly Christian fans for sporting a new tattoo that supports gay marriage, to which Cyrus responded by saying, “GOD is the only judge, honey” in what can now be seen as a bit of shrewd viral marketing. Anyway, her newest campaign in this ongoing battle between good and evil is still untitled, but given Cyrus’ upcoming movies LOL and So Undercover, you could probably hazard a guess. Totally Holy? The Gospel Of :P? OMG, God?


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