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Miley Cyrus offers Occupy Wall Street anthem, finally

With its future in question, the Occupy Wall Street movement is increasingly in need of a hero to step up and champion its cause. But since Batman is unavailable—and since demonstrators have probably had enough help from Susan Sarandon for now, thanks—the protestors have found new support in an unlikely ally: Hannah Montana herself, Miley Cyrus.

Cyrus recently uploaded a video of footage from global protests, mostly featuring Occupy Wall Street, set to a remix of her innocuous 2010 single, “Liberty Walk,” less an incitement to revolution than a don’t-let-the-haters-get-you-down party anthem. The move is likely another of the pop star’s attempts to gain distance from her Disney image, along with calling herself a “stoner,” and this year’s earlier revelation that she owes her career to Satan and David Lynch. So, you’re welcome, Occupy.

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