Presumably as an experiment to test the true limits of her power (spoiler alert: there are none), Miley Cyrus got a bunch of kids to buy official Miley-brand novelty redneck teeth at $12 a pop today. She did this by means of Instagram, where she posted a picture of herself wearing nothing but a pair of Billy Bob Teeth and a safety pin in her ear that you can check out on your own time. This made every teen in America suddenly experience a deep affinity for Billy Bob Teeth that is NOT A PHASE OKAY MOM and the so-called Miley-Bob Teeth sold out within hours, much to the chagrin of disapproving commenters vigorously smh at the vulgar display. (The teeth are now back in stock.)

Cyrus has long been an advocate of the humorous skewering of rural Americans’ lack of access to proper dental care, so much so that she sometimes wears them on stage and offers a t-shirt of herself wearing them on her website. So while it may be too late to pay Miley to design you a tattoo, getting a tattoo of Billy Bob Teeth is definitely a great way to impress her and maybe even get her to unblock you on Twitter. Besides, it’ll go perfect with your tattoo of an alien smoking a bong.


[via MTV]