(Photo: Steven A Henry/Getty Images)

Although she’s only 24, ever-busy pop star Miley Cyrus is apparently just as capable of nostalgia as the rest of us; per Pitchfork, she released a new backward-looking single tonight, “Younger Now,” the title track from her upcoming album. Younger Now is due out September 29.


You can hear a sample of the new track above; like “Malibu,” released last week, the track sees Cyrus blend her country twanging roots with the dancey pop that’s become her bread and butter in recent years. She also released the album’s track list, revealing that her friend Dolly Parton will be lending some countrified lyrics of her own to one of the tracks.

Miley Cyrus—Younger Now

1. Younger Now

2. Malibu

3, Rainbowland [feat. Dolly Parton]

4. Week Without You

5. Miss You So Much

6. I Would Die For You

7. Thinkin’

8. Bad Mood

9. Love Someone

10. She’s Not Him

11. Inspired