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Miley Cyrus drops in on the newest Flaming Lips song

(Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images)

At this point, it’s more-or-less a given that you can’t spend much time with The Flaming Lips without running into Miley Cyrus. Cyrus and Lips frontman Wayne Coyne have been working together since 2014, when the band joined the “Wrecking Ball” star on the tour for her fourth studio album, Bangerz. Since then, they’ve been frequent presences on each other’s albums and nude concerts, so it’s no surprise that The Flaming Lips’ upcoming Oczy Mlody—out next week—ends with a new Cyrus collaboration.

“We A Famly” is a good reminder, though, that Cyrus and the Lips work together because they work well together; Cyrus doesn’t quite mimic Coyne’s warbly vocals on the song’s back half, but she does complement the track’s dreamy backgrounds—accentuated by a lyric video released today, sending the viewer down a psychedelic rainbow road. Like most of the tracks that have been released for Oczy Mlody so far, “Family” captures the melancholy trippiness that’s marked so much of the Lips’ music, even if the heavy bass drop in the chorus does lends it a slightly rougher-than-usual vibe.


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