Because the world needs televised proof that the former child star can actually sing, Miley Cyrus will do her very own MTV Unplugged. The set—which could be stripped down in more ways than just the obvious, knowing Cyrus—will air on the network on Jan. 29 at 9 p.m., and, if Cyrus’ Twitter is to be believed, could involve the singer wearing nipple pasties and hillbilly teeth.

Then again, that’s probably just Cyrus’ latest attempt to take the piss out of her already schizophrenic image, something she’s also been working on lately with cartoonist John Kricfalusi. The Ren & Stimpy creator is serving as the artistic director for Cyrus’ upcoming arena tour, which starts up in February. According to Cartoon Brew, Kricfalusi’s art “is driving a lot of the tour,” which is “literally based on animals,” including “imaginative animals [John K has] made up on his own.”