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Miley Cyrus bong hit forces re-edit of her upcoming movie

Miley Cyrus’ December dalliance with a bong and a few close asshole friends and their cell phones has done more than just possibly ruin salvia for everyone. It’s also forced the producers of Cyrus’ upcoming film LOL—in which Cyrus plays an emoticon who comes to life and Demi Moore plays her younger sister or something, we didn’t read the description—to use “tricky editing and effects magic” to remove Cyrus from a party scene that prominently features other actors smoking pot. So this week, some poor soul is hunched over an editing booth, digitally scrubbing every last pixel of Cyrus’ “entire arm” from those minutes of footage, all to ensure that the “controversy” over the bong incident doesn’t affect perception of the film. Now you can just concentrate on the art.


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