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photo collage: Nick Wanserski

In what surely must be part of a bet with Lady Gaga over who can EGOT first, Deadline reports that noted pot leaf and glitter enthusiast Miley Cyrus has signed on to star in Woody Allen’s upcoming Amazon show. She won‘t be alone, though, as Elaine May and Allen himself are also set to star in the series. However, those both make sense, as May appeared in Allen’s 2000 film Small Time Crooks and Allen appeared in, well, a whole bunch of his own movies.

Little else is known about the series at this point, because Allen is notoriously secretive about his upcoming projects. We do know that will consist of six half-hour episodes, however, and will be set in the ’60s. Based on the evidence, we’re betting on Cyrus playing some sort of free-spirited hippie chick, possibly one who plays Manic Pixie Dream Girl to Allen’s cynical old fart. As long as they don’t kiss, we’re fine with it.


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