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Miles Teller might star in a movie about PTSD

Fantastic Four

Miles Teller has been through a lot in his life. J.K. Simmons threw that chair at his head, he came across like a dick in this interview, and he was in that Fantastic Four movie everyone forgot about already. That should make him uniquely qualified to tell a story about post-traumatic stress disorder, which is exactly what DreamWorks is hoping for. According to The Wrap, the studio is negotiating with Teller about him starring in a PTSD drama called Thank You For Your Service. The project will be directed by American Sniper screenwriter Jason Hall, who also adapted the script himself from a 2013 book of the same name by David Finkel. No deals have been made yet, but Teller would reportedly be playing one of three U.S. soldiers who returns home from Iraq and has a hard time readjusting to civilian life, much like how someone who recently starred in a bad superhero movie would have a hard time readjusting to normal society.


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