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Mike Myers wants to revive the Austin Powers series with a movie about Dr. Evil

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Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Mike Myers recently pitched an idea for how he could resurrect the Austin Powers series, noting that he’d “love to do a movie from Dr. Evil’s perspective.” He doesn’t offer very many details beyond that, suggesting that he just came up with the idea in the moment and thought it sounded fun, but it seems implied that he’d be retelling some of the previous Austin Powers stories from the point-of-view of the regular villain, sort of like how E.L. James rewrote Fifty Shades Of Grey from Christian Grey’s perspective a few years back (giving readers a chance to see what makes Mr. Sex Jeans really tick).


The problem with this plan is that Dr. Evil was a major character already in the previous Austin Powers movies, so we already saw a lot of things from his perspective. Plus, Myers has aged at a natural human rate since Goldmember came out in 2002, so some kind of prequel wouldn’t make any sense. If he were to go another route and tell a new story from Dr. Evil’s perspective, though, audiences would spend the whole movie waiting for Austin Powers to show up and say “yeah baby,” “oh behave,” or one of the other catchphrases that swept the nation before Borat came along and made all other catchphrases irrelevant. Then there’s the fact that Verne Troyer just died, and doing another Austin Powers without him would be unnecessarily sad for this series.

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