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Mike Myers stops by Kimmel to help Jimmy talk to Trump's weirdo former doctor

Harold Bornstein
Photo: New York Daily News Archive (Getty Images)

The unofficial “Mike Myers stops by late-night talk shows to do a remote comedy bit as a big, weird political character” tour continued apiece tonight, with the Austin Powers star—who recently popped up on The Tonight Show as his beloved super villain Dr. Evil—dropping by Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight for an unexpected visit. This time, Myers was playing Dr. Harold Bornstein, a former physician for Donald Trump, who made headlines this week when he claimed that the Secret Service “raided” his offices because he’d claimed that Trump takes baldness medication.

For what it’s worth, Myers is clearly having a blast as the character, playing “Guess the president’s STD” with Kimmel, and frequently asking after the status of his boner. (It’s good, apparently.) Bornstein, with his long, flowing hair and willingness to release statements about Trump’s “astonishingly excellent” health, is the sort of big, solicitous persona that Myers has always made the most of, even if he can’t quite match the aggressive weirdness that the man himself brings to the table, as in this anecdote from an Associated Press reporter inquiring after Bornstein’s most recent claims earlier today:


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