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Mike Myers dusts off Dr. Evil for our uniquely evil political moment

Mike Myers, seeing that America is eagerly awaiting further news on both the outcome of its midterm elections and sequels to its favorite Bond-parodying film series, took to late night TV to capture this specific moment in time. He did so, of course, by dressing up as Austin Powers villain Dr. Evil and announcing the character’s bid for Congress.


On last night’s The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon cut away to Myers doing his old Blofeld routine and proceeded to interview the camp supervillain with the same giggling, softball approach he’s provided political monsters in the past. Dr. Evil tells Fallon that he figured 2018 was a good opportunity to enter politics since “evil’s in.” “It’s like playing Fortnite while slamming a Tide pod,” he adds.

We also learn Dr. Evil’s district (a secret, volcano-based lair in Rhode Island “near the Spearmint Rhino gentleman’s club”) and that his platform is based on a “five-point evil plan” that involves introducing skinnier Pringles cans, appointing Donald Trump Jr. Secretary Of The Treasury, longer waits for skipping YouTube ads, legalizing weed, and changing the national anthem to an evil variation on the “Johny Johny Yes Papa” song.

This isn’t the first time Myers has taken advantage of Dr. Evil’s suitability for the current political climate: earlier this year he detailed his firing from Trump’s White House staff. Given how things are going, we can definitely expect to see the character guesting on late night again soon. After all, unexpected as it might’ve seemed in the past, he’s a perfect representative of our times—even if his brand of pure evil is a bit too warm and cuddly to be truly realistic.

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