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Mike Myers brought back Dr. Evil as Trump's latest disgruntled ex-employee

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There’s just something, apparently, about the Trump administration, that makes well-known actors eager to dust off their most beloved characters and take a few shots at our nation’s bilious king. Late last year, Jodie Foster brought back Clarice Starling to help Stephen Colbert riff on the Mueller investigation, and now Jimmy Fallon has managed to get Austin PowersMike Myers to do the same, donning the distinctive bald cap and facial scar of his iconic Bond villain parody Dr. Evil.

Myers appeared in character on last night’s Tonight Show, purporting to be the latest in a long line of fired Trump White House staffers heading out on the disgruntled book tour circuit. Identifying himself as a sort of all-purpose evil doctor for the administration—just like Ben Carson—Myers’ character gamely took credit for most of Trump’s “most evil” ideas. (Even if even he wasn’t willing to take credit for the White House’s immigration policies.). And hey, even if the jokes were a little on the tepid side, and the banter with Fallon fell somewhere in the neighborhood of regrettable, it’s still kind of a fun bit. Myers (who also brought the bad doctor back for an episode of Saturday Night Live in 2014) is obviously enjoying himself—not something that’s clearly the case with every role he takes these days—and it’s nostalgically satisfying to see him dip back into one of his most enjoyably weird characters, odd little hand movements and all.


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