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According to Deadline, Silicon Valley’s (and King Of The Hill’s and Idiocracy’s and Beavis And Butt-Head’s) Mike Judge has signed a new development deal with HBO to cover “all forms of television” that he may want to create over the next two years—other than animation. Judge even has two new comedy projects in the works already, both of which seem exactly like the sort of thing Mike Judge would want to make. The first is Qualityland, an adaptation of Marc-Uwe Kling’s novel of the same name, which Judge is co-writing with Silicon Valley’s Josh Lieb. Set in the near future, Qualityland is about a world where advancements in technology have made everything better and more convenient… except, you know, not really.


The other, A5, is a “limited series” about a scientist who “discovers the gene that makes a person an asshole.” Naturally, after that scientific breakthrough, it all becomes a question of why so many people are assholes and whether or not they can be cured. There are some gross implications there, as there were with Idiocracy, but hopefully it’ll at least be funny enough to make that stuff ignorable. Judge is co-writing A5 with Etan Cohen, who worked on King Of The Hill and other things we won’t mention here out of politeness. (Cough, Holmes And Watson, cough.)

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