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Mike Huckabee is betting you kids like terrible Adele parodies

Giving new meaning to the phrase ”nothing left to lose,” current bottom-of-the-polls Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has turned to the destination of last resort for self-promotion: YouTube parody videos. The Huckabee campaign just released “Hello, HUCK,” an Adele parody targeted squarely at Iowa voters, in hopes it might generate some press for a man who won this caucus eight years ago, but now is so far out of the spotlight that getting recognized at a local Denny’s probably merits a round of high-fives among his staff.

The song has been redone by some anonymous and vaguely competent singer, and spends most of its excruciating three minutes and 36 seconds name-checking various Iowa locations, much the same way a rock band tells every city that no one rocks like that particular city in hopes of generating some free goodwill. Of course, the Huckabee campaign is the rock band equivalent of a homeless man banging on an empty I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! container and muttering about the Zionist conspiracy, but it still counts as trying. “Hello from the caucus night, if Bernie wins I’m gonna die,” she croons, which has the immediate effect of galvanizing anyone watching to donate to the Sanders campaign. The only real effort put into the images themselves was to repeatedly use a shot of Huckabee outside on a cell phone, aping the singer’s original video. On a scale of one to Taylor Swift for trying to attract the youth vote, it definitely ranks somewhere around “Mike Huckabee YouTube parody video,” with all the excitement that phrase generates. (Also, how great is it that someone decided the still image should be the immortal lyric “try the pork chops”?)


[h/t The Wrap]

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