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In addition to working on his follow-up to The Haunting Of Hill House, Mike Flanagan has another Netflix horror series in the works: Midnight Mass. Via Deadline, the seven-episode series from Flanagan and Hill House’s Trevor Macy has officially set its cast, and—unsurprisingly—it’s a good’n. Hamish Linklater (who recently starred in Legion), Kate Siegel (Flanagan’s wife/frequent star), and Zach Gilford (MATT FUCKING SARACEN) will headline an ensemble that includes a few familiar faces from Flanagan’s previous works. Hill House stars Annabeth Gish, Henry Thomas, and Robert Longstreet (the last two also appeared in Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep) will appear in the series alongside Alex Essoe (Doctor Sleep, Starry Eyes), Michael Trucco, Samantha Sloyan, Rahul Abburi, Crystal Balint, Matt Biedel, Rahul Kohli, Kristen Lehman, Igby Rigney, and Annarah Shephard.


Flanagan will direct all seven episodes of Midnight Mass, which is set in an isolated community which begins to experience strange events—some miraculous, others ominous—upon the arrival of a mysterious young priest. The filmmaker is also working on The Haunting Of Bly Manor, his follow-up to Hill House which is based on Henry James’ The Turn Of The Screw and features several cast members from the previous season. Bly Manor will debut sometime this year, and while Netflix has yet to reveal a release date for Midnight Mass, it’s probably safe to assume we’ll see it sometime in 2021.

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