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Mike Doughty will send you a personalized song message for just $35,335.53

Mike Doughty apparently thinks a lot of himself. The ex-Soul Coughing frontman is selling personalized versions of one of his unreleased songs for $35,335.53. For roughly the price of a 2013 Chrysler 300 C Sedan, Doughty will record “Dogs/Demons"—a song he’s also never played live—onto a digital recorder, then add a personalized message. Buyers also have the option to choose the song’s key (C, D, or D-sharp), as well as whether they want the song to have a bridge. Doughty will then send the recorder itself, signed and numbered by Doughty, straight to the fan.

For those with only hundreds of dollars to throw away instead of thousands, Doughty is also offering a cheaper version of “Dogs/Demons”: For a mere $543.09, fans get everything but the personalized message, with the optional bridge an additional $267.18. Only fans who buy the song will ever get to hear it—at least until someone who actually shells out for one of these uploads their copy to YouTube.


Act quickly, because this deal won’t be around forever. Doughty says he may only sell the recorders until June 2013.

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