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Mike Colter says Jessica Jones season 2 will be “dark and heavy”

Jessica Jones

While Netflix’s upcoming team-up series The Defenders is already set to kick some ass (and fight Sigourney Weaver) with an August 18 premiere date, it’s looking like there will be a lengthy interlude between the first and second seasons of Jessica Jones, arguably the most critically acclaimed of all the streaming service’s Marvel shows. Krysten Ritter’s hard-drinking detective debuted in 2015, meaning it’ll be three years before she returns to her own show with another 13 episodes, expected sometime next year. Still, filming for the second season has begun, meaning we can start to overanalyze minor comments made by the people involved. This weekend that opportunity came in the form of some words from Mike Colter, a.k.a. Luke Cage, during Chicago’s C2E2 convention.


So, in addition to learning that Ritter and Colter talk almost constantly (“We are both superheroes who save the day by hitting people very hard, right?” “That is correct.” “Then surely, these Daredevil and Iron Fist people have really different abilities, to mix it up a little, right?” “Uhhhhh…”), the news that Jessica Jones season two will be “dark and heavy” is actually a bit surprising. Season one was pretty dark and heavy to begin with (the Kilgrave storyline is about as unsettling and creepy as you can get), and that’s all we have to compare it to, so maybe he just means more of the same tone and vibe as the first season? We’ve got the rest of the year—and a whole Defenders press blitzkrieg, one assumes—to get more details.

[Via Cinema Blend]

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