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Mike Cernovich is pivoting to mysticism

For those who aren’t familiar with the man, Mike Cernovich is a professional conspiracy theorist, social media personality, and general far-right dingbat. He’s made a career out of attaching himself to various extreme causes like GamerGate and the Pizzagate conspiracy, all while peddling various supplements and snake oils to his loyal followers. To better understand Cernovich’s unique brand of masculinity-obsessed quackery, please enjoy this short film created by satirist Vic Berger:

So, the guy sucks. But recently, Cernovich has made an ideological pivot that may have surprised even his most devoted fans. We don’t know whether he could sense the coming changes in the political winds or if his “gorilla mind” supplements have truly started to rot his brain but, as Buzzfeed news director Ryan Broderick pointed out on Twitter, Mike Cernovich is now deep into mysticism.

As The Daily Dot points out, yesterday in one of his characteristic interminable livestreams, Cernovich promised “less politics, more philosophy” to his devoted viewers. Apparently this awakening came about through some extremely deep-thinking about 2018's favorite buzzword: “blockchain.” Per Daily Dot:

“We’re moving from a centralized understanding of the world to a decentralized understanding of the world,” he said. “The blockchain is a distributed network that solves all the problems that we have of finance but more broadly it’s like a philosophy it’s a way of life… We’re going toward a decentralized consciousness, do you understand? That’s what blockchain is.”


The logical progression from far-right nationalism to the kind of crystal-powered spirit talk your weird aunt gets into isn’t exactly clear. But Mike Cernovich has never let logic get in his way before.

And, of course, no trip down the alpha-brained dipshit highway would be complete without a livestream from Dilbert creator Scott Adams who, along with his buddy Mike Cernovich, is keen enough to sense this consciousness shift and believes Donald Trump has changed “how we see reality itself.”


We’d advise that you enjoy this particular flavor of nonsense while it lasts before it inevitably pivots back to something much more racist, sexist, and xenophobic. Lack of focus or consistency of character is an integral part of the gorilla mindset.


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