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Mike And Molly’s Billy Gardell will host a Monopoly game show

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In news that certainly makes more sense than trying to turn it into a movie directed by Ridley Scott, beloved board game Monopoly will be coming to TV as a game show called Monopoly Millionaires’ Club. What’s more, participants on the show will stand to win real money—so if games of Monopoly seemed heated before, imagine all the little green houses bound to go flying with up to $2.5 million at stake.


Monopoly Millionaires’ Club will be a companion show to an upcoming, multi-state lottery game of the same name. A combined effort of Scientific Games Corporation, participating state lotteries, and human greed, the show will choose contestants from among its live studio audience, which will be made up of people who won said multi-state lottery game. Monopoly will be filmed in Las Vegas, really the only place it could have been filmed.

Comedian Billy Gardell—Mike of Mike And Molly—has been tapped to oversee what are sure to be heated competitions, as contestants battle over who gets to be the top hat, and break down in bitter tears after being bankrupted by people who seemed perfectly nice before money changed them. “I’ve played Monopoly with friends and family since 1979,” said Gardell, not mentioning whether he’s still on speaking terms with those friends and family. “Hosting a big game show is a bucket list-level type of job for me.” Monopoly Millionaires’ Club will premiere in early 2015.

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