The upcoming expansion of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers brand with a “re-envisioning”—one that, echoing the show’s original format, splices borrowed characters with the enhanced effects of ’90s nostalgia—has found its producer and writers. Like a team of teenagers with attitude who are conscripted to join forces and wrangle all manner of genre tropes, producer Roberto Orci and writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz have been assembled to develop the new Power Rangers movie, tasked once more with using their individual franchise rebooting skills to pilot the giant dinosaur machine of faded intellectual property.

Separately, Miller and Stentz have written X-Men: First Class and Thor, while Orci’s list of comics- and toy-related films includes Transformers and The Amazing Spider-Man. Working as a team, they’ve produced episodes of Fringe and are rumored to be collaborating on Star Trek 3. And now they’ve been called into duty once more, to imbue the story of high-school kids spandex fighting on behalf of an alien wizard with a similar dramatic weight worthy of a serious modern movie reboot. Perhaps they could begin by making all of the Power Rangers’ garishly ’90s costumes slightly different shades of gray?