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Midsommar’s new trailer certainly makes it look like an “apocalyptic breakup movie”

Screenshot: Midsommar

Our first look at Midsommar, Ari Aster’s anticipated Hereditary follow-up, leaned hard into the “Scandinavian folk horror” of its premise, which finds a gang of Americans traveling to Sweden for a colorful, flower-strewn festival that unfolds just once every 90 years. Its first full trailer, however, hearkens more to Aster’s dubbing of it as an “apocalyptic breakup movie,” with Jack Reynor and Florence Pugh’s troubled relationship taking centerstage.

As in Hereditary, it appears that mental illness weave tightly into the central pair’s fractured bond—against shots of Pugh collapsing into tears, Will Poulter’s loud-mouthed pal tells Reynor she needs a therapist, and that they should’ve broken up ages ago. Bringing her along to Sweden, then, seems ill-advised, especially once the local townspeople begin flirting with him.


The ensuing carnage, of course, gets its due as well. Drug-induced hysteria, streaks of blood, and rituals too shocking to process are all on display here, lending horror and unease to what looks to be a searing exploration of toxic dependency.

Midsommar hits theaters on July 3.

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