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Middle-school principal combats saggy pants with "Urkel Initiative"

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Seeing as President Obama has, so far, failed to enact the “Brothers Should Pull Up Their Pants” bill he hinted at during the 2008 campaign, a middle school principal in Memphis has taken it upon himself to enact what he calls the “Steve Urkel Initiative,” a countermeasure to his students insistence on wearing saggy pants. As you can see in the below video, it has nothing explicitly to do with the Family Matters character, but (as Best Week Ever points out) seemingly exists solely so everyone can make “Did I do that?” jokes, and to give Jaleel White a little Google Alert holiday. What's up, Jaleel? Do you still have, like, a pantry full of Urkel-Os?


The plan involves running a zip-tie through his kids’ belt loops, thereby hitching up their pants to an acceptably high waistline. This is, as music scholars will tell you, one of the primary prerequisites for doing the “Urkel Dance,” to be followed shortly by bending your knees and sticking out your pelvis—the resulting motion being arguably “better” than the late popular singer Elvis, although this is still a subject of some debate. It’s also, the principal believes, the first step toward a more productive career: “If you can point to me someone in your community who wears their pants below their waist, where you can see their underwear, and they’re successful, please bring them to me,” the principal says, which just sounds like a shameless bid to get a visit from Lil Wayne. [CNN via Best Week Ever]

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