Image via Reddit/abrokenclock

Game Of Thrones! We love it. The Office! We also love it, although maybe not as much in the later seasons. Regardless, a Brazilian gentleman who is a great fan of both made a mashup of Game Of Thrones and The Office a few months back. At the time, the video didn’t make much of an impression, being but one in the already well-worn subgenre of Game Of Thrones mashup videos. However, the video has been given a new lease of Internet life thanks to Reddit, which was the site of much Photoshopped merriment over the weekend after user abrokenclock spotted Daenerys Targaryen seemingly breaking the fourth wall in “The Bear And The Maiden Fair.” So congratulations, Jean Calrlos De Oliveira Miranda, your day has arrived. Even if it is five months late.

[via Uproxx]