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Microsoft to inflict supernatural bro comedy on its long-suffering customers

Microsoft—the company that made billions by reinventing the Macintosh, only virus-prone and less user-friendly—is bringing its legendary soft touch to the world of streaming television, ordering a multitude of series to be broadcast via the Xbox. Most of the lineup thus far consists of video game adaptations, but in its quest for top-quality programming, Xbox Studios even considered rebooting Heroes, an idea so bad that NBC thought it was a great idea.

In what is sure to be the Windows Vista of Xbox Studios’ lineup, the game console is developing East Of Exurbia, a comedy about three roommates living in a “bastion of bro-fueled debauchery,” whose house also includes a magical portal to other worlds—and to supernatural shenanigans. The brainchild of Punkd producer Nick Kreiss and frequent sitcom guest star Ian Wolterstorff (neither of whom has a prior writing credit), the show is based on a story from BroBible.com, which we won’t link to because we want to believe you won’t willingly visit a site called BroBible.com. It was also supposedly inspired by “one of the worst roommate stories ever told,” so, your first pull quote is already ready and waiting for you, TV critics.

No release date has been set for this, or any of Xbox’s programming, but the series is expected to launch only after inexplicably making you wait five minutes for goddamned “font optimization.”


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