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Microsoft’s Atari documentary is now available for free on Xboxes

Microsoft’s brave foray into the world of original content via its Xbox Entertainment Studios label basically ended before it even began, but it still survived long enough to produce a documentary about a bunch of video games that were dumped into a landfill. Well, technically it’s about the story behind legendary gaming company Atari, but it all centers around a mountain of cartridges—most of which are copies of the terrible E.T. game for the Atari 2600—that Microsoft decided to dig out of the garbage for some reason. Anyway, the documentary, Atari: Game Over, is now available for free through the Xbox Video section on Xbox 360s and Xbox Ones. Fittingly, Microsoft hasn’t mentioned any sort of physical release for the film, meaning it can never be buried in a landfill. Unless someone were to download it onto their Xbox and then throw the Xbox away, of course, but that would be extremely wasteful.

Game Over was directed by Avengers and X-men 2 screenwriter Zak Penn, and—if the trailer is anything to go by—it features interviews with a bunch of people who think digging up literal garbage is one of the most important events in video game history.


[via Variety]

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