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Microsoft now claims Paint isn’t dead, it’s just going to live on a farm

MS Paint is like this, but with a computer. (Photo: Getty Images, William Vanderson/Fox Photos/Hulton Archive)

Yesterday, reports came out that Microsoft’s next Windows 10 update would make the iconic-ish Paint program “deprecated,” essentially meaning that it would no longer be getting updates and that it might eventually be dropped entirely. The basic functionality of Paint would be added to the newer program Paint 3D, but the traditional Paint program itself would be deemphasized. Now, perhaps taken aback by the show of support that the crummy little program received, Microsoft has begun walking back the idea that it’s “dead,” choosing instead to position this as simply another phase in the program’s long and fulfilling life—a life that will definitely continue, even if Microsoft’s statement does seem suspiciously similar to saying Paint is going to “a better place.”

Speaking with Motherboard, a Microsoft spokesperson said that Paint is “not going away,” and after reiterating that its features will be absorbed into Paint 3D, they explained that classic MS Paint will eventually be available to download on the Windows Store for free. That being said, the Microsoft statement once again notes that Paint 3D will be getting “new updates and experiences,” so even if Paint is still available, it won’t be the company’s focus. In other words, it’s technically not dead, but it is going away. Don’t worry, though, because there’s a newer and better art program you can use to make goofy doodles with, and you can love it just as much as you loved dumb old Paint.


After a while, you might not even remember Paint, at which point Microsoft can quietly remove it from the store entirely.

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