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Chappelle’s Show featured tons of great sketches over the years, but the most memorable ones are still probably “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories.” The segments involved Chappelle reenacting stories told by Charlie Murphy about interactions he and his more-famous brother had with celebrities, specifically Rick James and Prince. The Rick James installment was about his terrifying unpredictability, touching on his fondness for randomly slapping people in the face or barging into their homes and grinding his dirty shoes on their couch, and it included James himself popping in and simultaneously denying and confirming the veracity of the story. The Prince segment, though, didn’t feature any input from the late icon, making the truth behind its absurdly one-sided basketball game a little harder to discern.

Now, though, musician Micki Free has confirmed that the Chappelle’s Show Purple One sketch is all true—save for a couple of details. Speaking with The Undefeated, Free confirms that he played in the game Charlie Murphy talked about, and he claims that “Prince was Steph Curry all motherfucking night.” Just as Murphy says in the sketch, Prince met up with Eddie Murphy one evening at a club and challenged him to a basketball game, and though the Murphy brothers wore shorts and gym clothes, Free says he and the rest of Prince’s crew kept on their clubbing outfits. He even notes that Prince played in “six-inch heels.”


The kicker to the story, with Prince inviting the Murphy brothers over for pancakes after destroying them on the court, is also true, though Free points out that they were specifically blueberry pancakes.

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[via Mashable]