Regan Books, The publisher that just barely didn't roll out O.J. Simpson's hypothetical murder book, will provoke again with 7: A Mickey Mantle Novel, Peter Golenbock's "inventive memoir" based on the life of Mickey Mantle (currently due out in March). Publishers Weekly quotes some folks who have read it and includes some excerpts, like this joke that Mantle tells in the book:

A girl is lying on the beach with no arms or legs. A guy walks up, and she starts to cry. He asks why she's crying. She says, "I've never been kissed before. So he kisses her. She starts crying again. He asks why she's crying. She says she's never been screwed. He picks her up and throws her in the water. "There," he says, "now you're screwed."

There's also a description of Mantle having sex with Marilyn Monroe, and one person quoted in the story refers to the book as "porn," apparently not thinking about this in terms of attracting actual baseball fans.