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Michelle Yeoh is in talks for her own Star Trek spin-off

Photo: Jan Thijs (CBS)

[Note: This article discusses plot details from the first season of Star Trek: Discovery.]

Well, now it sounds like all the cool Starfleet captains are getting their own spin-offs. (Sit down, Bakula.) THR reports that Michelle Yeoh—who spent her time off between the first and second seasons of Star Trek: Discovery reminding Hollywood she’s Michelle Goddamn Yeoh, co-starring in the massively successful Crazy Rich Asiansis in talks to get a Picard-esque Star Trek series of her own, presumably centered on the clandestine exploits of her Discovery character, Philippa Georgiou.


As viewers of the series first year on CBS All Access will know, Yeoh actually ended up playing two versions of Georgiou over the course of that season: the Starfleet captain who serves as Michael Burnham’s original commanding officer, and her rogue, wily counterpart from the show’s beloved Mirror Universe. The spin-off series would presumably follow the latter character, who received an offer to join shadowy semi-evil spy organization Section 31 at the end of the season. (And if none of the preceding sentences made any sense to you, don’t worry: the Deep Space Nine nerds in our audience are eating this shit up right now.)

This is all just tentative at the moment, but if it went forward, the spin-off show would presumably take place after the show’s second season—due to premiere on January 17 of next year—and would also air on CBS All Access.

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