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Michelle Williams joins Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty

(Photo: Getty Images/Epsilon, Kristina Nikishina)

In April, we reported that Amy Schumer had signed on to a new film called I Feel Pretty that involved her playing “an insecure woman” who gets bopped on the head and suddenly believes that she’s beautiful, and now Deadline is reporting that Michelle Williams is jumping on board as well. Along with the casting news, we also know a bit more about the plot of I Feel Pretty, with Deadline noting that Schumer’s character actually thinks she’s fallen under “a spell” that has made her more beautiful. This gives her a huge confidence boost, which helps her win the respect of “her idol and boss,” played by Williams. Deadline then dips into some spoiler territory that we’d rather not repeat here, but let’s just say that this “spell” may or may not last forever and that Schumer may or may not learn a lesson about how “true beauty is not skin deep.”

I Feel Pretty will be the directorial debut of Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein.


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