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When Michelle Williams took the stage at the Golden Globes to accept her Best Actress In A Limited Series award for Fosse/Verdon, it was immediately clear that she had something to say. Host Ricky Gervais said at the top of the show that any celebrity who makes a political statement in their speech is a hypocrite, but that was a dumb comment and Williams showed why with her brief speech time (as she has done before). After thanking the Hollywood Foreign Press and the rest of the Fosse/Verdon cast and crew, she explained that giving someone an award like that is an acknowledgement of both their work and who they are as a person, and so she said that who she is as a person would be impossible without a woman’s right to choose when and how and if they want to have children.


Williams talked about how women’s bodies are often subjected to things against their will, which naturally lead her the importance of voting, specifically women voting for the interests rather than against. As she noted, men have been voting for their interests for a long time, which is why the world “looks so much like them.” With presenter Tiffany Haddish audibly cheering her on from off-camera, Williams called on women to vote for a world that “looks more like us.”

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