Michelle Williams in Meek's Cutoff

Anyone who saw Wendy And Lucy or Meek’s Cutoff, Kelly Reichardt’s meditative and austere dramas starring Michelle Williams, knows that the duo is capable of creating some powerhouse cinema together. That’s why there’s now cause for celebration, as Variety reports that the two are teaming up once more for an untitled indie drama set to film this spring. Reichardt will again be writing and directing the project, as she did on the first collaboration with Williams, Wendy And Lucy. (Meek’s Cutoff, written by Jonathan Raymond, is the only one of her four readily available feature films that Reichardt didn’t at least co-write herself.) Both of their previous collaborations were critically acclaimed, so the actor and director are no doubt hoping they can strike gold a third time. No word yet on the plot, but we’re guessing it will involve talking animals, lots of musical numbers, and the rapid-fire fart jokes that made Reichardt and Williams famous.