Michelle Trachtenberg is known for playing a mystical, dimension-unlocking key, rendered human by monks who were looking to make Buffy The Vampire Slayer intermittently irritating, as well as the insane person who was maybe secretly Gossip Girl, until it was revealed to be a nice, possibly schizophrenic guy. Now she’s set to return to both TV and outlandish plots by co-starring in the CBS comedy Save The Date, which finds Psych’s Maggie Lawson playing a single woman who “drunkenly books a wedding venue and is now faced with the task of meeting the right man in time.” Trachtenberg will star as Lawson’s “no-nonsense” sister and roommate—presumably meaning she’ll suggest that Lawson simply absorb the cancellation fee, and take this as a lesson not to make rash decisions while drinking, rather than regarding it as some sort of challenge to find everlasting love within an arbitrary time window. We also assume the pilot lasts all of eight minutes.