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Michelle Rodriguez calls bullshit on Hobbs & Shaw writer's #JusticeForHan promise

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Michelle Rodriguez is a complicated person. Sometimes she has Good Takes, like when she refused to do more Fast And Furious movies until they committed to handling the female characters better. Sometimes she has Bad Takes, like when she dismissed that story about Liam Neeson wanting to do a racist murder by declaring that “racists don’t kiss Viola Davis” the way Neeson did in Widows. Her latest Hot Take is somewhere in the middle, which is to say that we’re not sure how we feel about it.

First, backstory: At the end of July, Hobbs & Shaw screenwriter Chris Morgan teased to Entertainment Weekly that Jason Statham’s character would eventually pay for murdering Sung Kang’s Han Seoul-Oh (that’s the character’s name!) at the end of Fast & Furious 6—a major bad guy introduction that everyone seemed to forget about when it was time for Statham to become a good guy in Fate Of The Furious (and inspiring the #JusticeForHan hashtag among Fast And Furious fans). Morgan said that the overall goal for Statham’s Deckard Shaw is to eventually give him “one of the most interesting, cool, rewarding character arcs in the franchise,” and #JusticeForHan is something that has been “discussed for a very long time.”

This is where Michelle Rodriguez comes in. On Twitter, she shared the EW story and declared that Chris Morgan has “absolutely nothing to do with where this narrative is or where it’s going,” noting that she’s been around since “way before” he started working on these movies and would therefore know better than he does.


Basically, she’s either denying that Statham will have a big role in the future of the Fast And Furious movies (which is possible, given how much these actors seem to hate when new stars come along and divert some of the attention away from them) or she’s denying that we’ll get justice for Han’s murder. If it’s the latter, maybe she never really came back from her amnesia-based heel turn in Fast And Furious 6, and she’s actually been a bad guy this whole time—but, like, in real life and not in the movie, apparently. Either way, Han deserves justice.

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